About us


Bangladeshi consumers are expecting more value from the products and services being offered and are quickly adopting the communication channels made possible by advances in telecommunications. Companies are quickly learning that service is the key to attracting and maintaining customers, which leads to increased business and revenue.

SOFTCALL is a leading Contact Center company established in 2009. It is the Bangladeshi company with the longest experience in Domestic inbound and outbound contact center services.

We are focused on building long term relationship with customer, delivering outstanding services to the final consumers. With a strong combination of powerful technology and highly trained personnel, we are able to compete in the global market, meeting the required standards by the industry. We try to improve a company’s image, but also improve customer relationship. SOFTCALL helps companies to learn about their clients, and with that knowledge learn how to serve them better, leading to an improved bottom line


At present, SOFTCALL is the market leader in Domestic call center in the country with its 50 seating capacity, providing call Centre service to different Multinationals and local corporate clients; such as SAMSUNG, Banglalion, NAVANA, TOYOTA, GOLD GYM, Square Consumer, Hitachi, Krishibid Institute, Plan Bangladesh, RSPL and many more.

We are the primary contact point with customers in business operations, and serve as the means by which the organization creates a long-term relationship with individual customers and maintains customer satisfaction. We collect information by analyzing call documentation data, or by directly presenting questions to the customer. Our PC is fully furnished with proper IT infrastructure, Power back-up, expertise in telesales & customer care services.


Our Potential Customers are those industries which require customer interface based entirely on information availability. Such as:

  • Banks/Insurance/Financial Services to provide services to the customer/ callers.
  • Telecom services.
  • Companies providing customized and high value services.
  • IT products companies.
  • Tourism & Hotels etc.
  • Government sector


SOFTCALL technology is an enabler of competitive advantage, and not just as a source of business. The various delivery channels include Voice, Email and other web-based services like live chat, co-browsing and integrated electronic fax.

  • End-to-End IP based Hosted Contact Centre platform.
  • Built-in redundancy providing high availability.
  • High speed Internet connectivity.
  • 50 Seats Production Capacity.
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply through backup generator.
  • Security and Safety Compliances.
  • In house Training by master trainer.
  • Strong Network infrastructure.
  • Customized reporting process.
  • World class hardware and software setup.


If you wish to get the most from your telephone campaign you can take our services because we try to improve a company’s image, but also improve customer relationship. SOFTCALL can make the working of organizations more effective and transparent. A call to a customer service number can make you talk to agents across the globe.